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Cleaning Cloth

• The Original Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
• So unique it has two worldwide patents
• Dries streak-free and lint-free in seconds
• Super-size – up to 50% larger than competitive products
• Removes grease, dirt, dust and grime
• Cleans all hard surfaces effortlessly
• Use damp with plain water for cleaning
• Machine washable and reusable
• Once you use MysticMaid, you’ll never settle for less

Perfect for stainless steel, glass, plastic, tile, mirrors, wood and all other hard surfaces.

MysticMaid® produces the world's best microfiber cleaning products based on patented technology first developed for 'Class 10' semiconductor clean rooms. The Original Microfiber
Cleaning Cloth is perfect for hundreds of cleaning uses around the home. Here's why. If you look at this cloth under a microscope, you'll see the entire length of each microfiber has been split into thousands of tiny micro-hooks and channels to collect, trap and remove dirt, dust, grease and grime. You'll marvel at how this cloth cleans, lint-free and streak-free. The more you use it, the more you'll appreciate how
well it cleans. Beware of imitators. No other cloth is made, cleans or performs like MysticMaid.

So unique, it's backed by US government and worldwide patents. So when the job involves messy kitchens, busy bathrooms, computer screens, software/music CDs, laundry & mud rooms, smeared windows, counter tops, smudged mirrors, stemware, fine china, greasy ovens, and so much more, MysticMaid has the exact microfiber cleaning products – like the Original Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – you need to do all these cleaning jobs right the first time.

Cleaning Cloth - 19.75" x 13"
Item #: G718KC-P
Price : US$ 15.00 (includes shipping and handling within US)
Cleaning Cloth available in 1 colors:

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